Clojure Deref (Dec 22, 2022)

Clojure Deref (Dec 22, 2022)

22 December 2022
Alex Miller

Welcome to the Clojure Deref! This is a weekly link/news roundup for the Clojure ecosystem. (@ClojureDeref RSS)


In these final days of the year, we are happy to look forward to 2023 and let you know about the plans for Clojure/conj 2023, which will take place Apr 27-28 in Durham, North Carolina! A limited number of early bird tickets are available at the registration site for $350 and we also have streaming-only tickets available for $20 so everyone can join!

The CFP is open NOW until January 15th and we welcome your talk submissions. Speakers receive ticket, hotel, and travel (see details on the site).

The sponsor prospectus is also available if you would like to have a booth or visibility. If you have any questions, you can contact us at Can’t wait to see you all in person again!

Libraries and tools

New releases and tools this week:

  • cider 1.6.0 - The Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rocks for Emacs

  • - Tutorials for

  • honeysql 2.4.962 - Turn Clojure data structures into SQL

  • DartClojure 2.14 - Opinionated Dart→Clojure translater

  • dewey 2022-12-16 - Index of Clojure libraries available on github

  • squint 0.0.2 - ClojureScript syntax to JavaScript compiler

  • datalevin 0.7.7 - A simple, fast and versatile Datalog database

  • merr 0.4.189 - Minimal and good enough error handling library for Clojure/ClojureScript

  • testdoc 1.5.109 - Yet another doctest implementation in Clojure

  • fulcro-rad 1.3.13 - Fulcro Rapid Application Development

  • 0.2.2 - clj-djl models for and

  • sci 0.6.37 - Configurable Clojure/Script interpreter suitable for scripting and Clojure DSLs

  • keys 0.0.7 - Select and rename keys as fast as possible in Clojure

  • fgen 0.1.0 - Generate functions with test.check to allow writing property-based (generative) tests for higher-order functions in Clojure and ClojureScript

  • slipway 1.1.5 - A Clojure Companion to Jetty

  • clojure-deps-edn - User level aliases and Clojure CLI configuration for deps.edn based projects

  • joyride 0.0.28 - Making VS Code Hackable like Emacs since 2022

  • core.match 1.0.1 - An optimized pattern matching library for Clojure

  • HOP - an open source #devops tool for Clojure(Script) developers

  • dom - An extremely simple library for declaratively creating and updating web pages in ClojureScript.

  • 7-humble-guis - An implementation of 7 GUIs using HumbleUI

  • undertow - Clojure API to Undertow web server

  • ring-undertow - Clojure ring adapter to Undertow web server

  • zmap 1.0.2 - Persistent map with lazily evaluated values for Clojure(Script)

  • hash-f - Have you ever wanted to nest #() anonymous functions in Clojure?

  • nbb 1.1.155 - Scripting in Clojure on Node.js using SCI