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Clojure Libraries

Clojure Contrib

Clojure Contrib is a collection of libraries managed with the same Contributor Agreement, license, and development workflow as Clojure itself. Code in Clojure Contrib can be considered for inclusion in newer versions of Clojure.

Clojure Contrib library code is hosted on Github. Design and issue tracking are via Confluence and JIRA.

Prior to Clojure 1.3, Contrib was packaged as a single monolithic JAR. If you are migrating from a pre-1.3 version of Clojure, please see this page for migration help regarding old contrib libraries.


The vast majority of Clojure developers use Leiningen to create and manage Clojure projects.

IDEs and Developer Tools

Community volunteers maintain Getting Started documentation for a number of different developer tools.

Finding Libraries

Maven Central is a searchable repository of open source JVM libraries.

Clojars is a community repository for open source Clojure libraries.

You can narrow Github search by language to find Clojure libraries.