Clojure Deref (June 11, 2021)

Clojure Deref (June 11, 2021)

11 June 2021
Alex Miller

Welcome to the Clojure Deref! This is a periodic link/news roundup for the Clojure ecosystem. (RSS feed)


This week Nubank announced a new $750M investment, led by $500M from Berkshire Hathaway at a $30B valuation. Nubank is the largest user of Clojure and Datomic in the world and a great example of the benefits of Clojure’s approach to managing complexity at scale.

Chris Nuernberger presented a great talk this week for London Clojurians about his work on high performance data processing with the dtype-next and libraries.

The ClojureD conference last weekend was great with lots of interesting Clojure (and some non-Clojure) talks! Keep an eye out for videos soon.


We have a bumper crop of Clojure-related podcast episodes this week, put these in your ears…​

  • Cognicast - Christian Romney interviews Jarrod Taylor from the Datomic team

  • Get Smarter and Make Stuff - Craig Andera interviews Michael Fogus from the Clojure core team

  • Lost in Lambduhhs - Jordan Miller interviews Alex Miller from the Clojure core team

  • ClojureScript Podcast - Jacek Schae interviews Tommi Reiman about Malli

  • defn - Vijay Kiran and Ray McDermott interview Chris Badahdah about Portal

Libraries and Databases

Some interesting library updates and posts this week:

  • Mirabelle - 0.1.0 of this stream processing tool inspired by Riemann - check out the docs and a use case

  • sicmutils - Sam Ritchie released version 0.19.0 of this math and physics based library (based on the books by Sussman and Wisdom)

  • Cybermonday - Kiran Shila releases the first release of this Clojure data interface to Markdown (like Hiccup for Markdown)

  • HoneyEQL - Tamizhvendan S introduced 0.1.0-alpha36 for EQL queries to relational databases

  • Expectations - Sean Corfield released 2.0.0-alpha2 of this clojure.test-compatible implementation of Expectations

  • Snoop - Luis Thiam-Nye announced the initial release of a library for runtime function validation using Malli

  • OSS Clojure DBs - a summary and comparison of open-source Clojure databases (but don’t forget Datomic! :)

Blogs, discussions, tutorials

Throwback Friday (I know, I’m doing it wrong)

In this recurring segment, we harken back to a talk from an older time to a favorite talk of yore. This week, we’re featuring:

Is it about woodworking? Is it about Clojure? Is it about how to work? Yes.