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Videos and presentations:


  • defn - The world’s greatest vegetarian Clojure podcast hosted by Vijay Kiran and Ray McDermott

  • The REPL - A podcast diving into Clojure programs and libraries by Daniel Compton

  • ClojureScript Podcast - Join Jacek Schae and explore an unusually expressive programming language with Lisp roots

  • Thoughts on Functional Programming by Eric Normand - An off-the-cuff stream of Functional Programming ideas, skills, patterns, and news from Functional Programming expert Eric Normand

  • Functional Design in Clojure - Christoph and Nate discuss software design problems and how they might be solved using functional principles and the Clojure programming language.

  • Audio - Cognitect Blog - A podcast by Cognitect, Inc. about software and the people that create it

  • (dosync radio) - A podcast to discuss Clojure matters in Japanese.

Video training (commercial):

Clojure Tools

Community volunteers maintain Getting Started documentation for a number of different tools and approaches. Some of the most commonly used tools include: