Getting Started

Minimal Install

Clojure requires only Java 1.6 or greater, plus the Clojure JAR file itself.

Download and unzip Clojure. In the directory in which you expanded, run:

java -cp clojure-1.8.0.jar clojure.main

This will bring up a read-eval-print loop (REPL). From the REPL, try:

user=> (+ 1 2 3)
user=> (javax.swing.JOptionPane/showMessageDialog nil "Hello World")

Try Clojure Online

  • TryClojure provides a browser-based Clojure REPL

  • Himera provides a browser-based ClojureScript REPL

Clojure with Leiningen

Leiningen is a build and project management tool written in Clojure and used pervasively throughout the Clojure community. Follow the instructions there to install Leiningen.

Once it’s installed you can start a REPL with:

lein repl

Check out the Resources page for tutorials and other great resources!

Original author: Rich Hickey