Getting Started

Welcome to Clojure!

Minimal Install

Clojure requires only Java 1.6 or greater, plus the Clojure JAR file itself.

Download and unzip Clojure. In the directory in which you expanded, run:

java -cp clojure-1.8.0.jar clojure.main

This will bring up a read-eval-print loop (REPL).

  • Note: This process will not work in the latest development version (1.9.0-alpha…​) as Clojure has been split into several jars. More info to come when 1.9 releases.

Try Clojure Online

This site provides a browser-based Clojure repl for interactive exploration:


Leiningen is a build and project management tool written in Clojure and used pervasively throughout the Clojure community. Follow the instructions there to install Leiningen.

Once it’s installed you can start a REPL with:

lein repl


Boot is a build-focused DSL written in Clojure. Follow the Getting Started instructions to install Boot, then start a REPL with:

boot repl

Check out the Learn Clojure pages or Resources page to get started with tutorials and resources on learning Clojure!

Original author: Rich Hickey