Getting Started

Clojure installer and CLI tools

Clojure provides command line tools that can be used to start a Clojure repl, use Clojure and Java libraries, and start Clojure programs.

Installation on Mac via brew

Install the command line tools with brew:

brew install clojure

If you’ve already installed, you can upgrade to the latest release with:

brew upgrade clojure

Installation on Linux

  1. Ensure that the following dependencies are installed: bash, curl, rlwrap, and Java.

  2. Use the linux-install script to download and run the install, which will create /usr/local/bin/clj, /usr/local/bin/clojure, and /usr/local/lib/clojure:

curl -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

Installation on Windows

An early release version of clj on Windows is available at [clj on Windows]( Please provide feedback at

Other ways to run Clojure

Local build

Download and build Clojure from source (requires Git, Java, and Maven):

git clone
cd clojure
mvn -Plocal -Dmaven.test.skip=true package

Then start the REPL with the local jar:

java -jar clojure.jar

Try Clojure online provides a browser-based Clojure repl for interactive exploration.

Build tools

Build tools provide a range of capabilities for building, running, and deploying Clojure libraries and applications. The two most popular Clojure build tools are Leiningen and Boot.

Original author: Alex Miller