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Adding Clojure to your company’s capabilities? Give your employees a head start! Here is list of companies and individuals that offer Clojure training courses.

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North America

All levels
+1 919.283.2748


North America

All levels



Enterprise Clojure



Clojure in a Nutshell

USA: +1-646-883-1460
UK: +44 20 3289 3277

Blumbird GmbH


All levels

Peter Taoussanis


Enterprise Clojure

Adam Bard

North America

Clojure Training

Mark Engelberg

North America (west coast)

Customized Training

Klipse Technologies


Clojure Training

For individuals

Looking for a curated curriculum to jump start your learning? Several courses are offered.

Online courses

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A series of video tutorial about web development using ClojureScript and Clojure

Our mission is to help people thrive with Functional Programming

Will teach you how to write Clojure code and structure Clojure products

Learn ClojureScript and re-frame by building CHEFFY; AirBnB for chefs.

Learn ClojureScript and Reagent by building GIGGIN an app that showcase local gigs.

Learn how to build robust REST API with Clojure by composing libraries including Reitit, Ring, Integrant, and next.jdbc.

Video course about Datomic Cloud. Including Datomic dev-local, Datomic Ions, and AWS deployment.

Learn how to build REST API with data-driven interceptors, structuring the system with Component, and Datomic.

Your one place for all things Clojure, ClojureScript, and Datalog. Courses, Podcast, Workshops, and …​


ClojureBridge aims to increase diversity within the Clojure community by offering free, beginner-friendly Clojure programming workshops for underrepresented groups in tech. ClojureBridge holds free training events for women and minorities. Typically these are 1 day events hosted by one or more sponsors.


For conferences and upcoming events, check the upcoming Events list.


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