The History of Programming Languages conference series produces accurate historical records and descriptions of programming language design, development, and philosophy. It is infrequently held: the first three were in 1978, 1993, and 2007.

2020 is the time for HOPL-IV, and I’m very excited and honored to have a paper on Clojure be accepted. I want to thank Guy Steele and Richard Gabriel, co-chairs of HOPL IV, as well as the reviewers and shepherds for their support and guidance. Clojure is not the product of traditional research and (as may be evident) writing a paper for this setting was a different and challenging exercise. I hope the paper provides some insight into why Clojure is the way it is and the process and people behind its creation and development.


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A History of Clojure

From HOPL IV in June 2021:

HOPL IV conference talk and Q&A