Date: 2024-04-26
Location: online

Visual-tools meeting 24 - badspreadsheet and HTMX

The visual tools group will have its 24th meeting on April 26th.

Adam James will discuss badspreadsheet - A Clojure Spreadsheet for building design tools.
As time permits, we will also use this opportunity to discuss HTMX (which is used by badspreadsheets), following some recent community interest.


Please read the README, the attached videos, and the explanations.
Please read the discussion at the Clojurians Slack. Your comments and questions there will help a lot in preparing the meeting.

Please write to @daslu or comment below if you wish to participate. You can also use the Add to Calendar to add the event to your calendar.
The official part will be 90 minutes long.
Sometimes, some of us like to stay longer and chat.
Video Call
Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Possibly, we will share a recording of parts of the meeting. This has not been decided yet.
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