Date: 2024-02-06
Location: online

Streamlining state management in ClojureDart w…​

Streamlining state management in ClojureDart with re-dash (by Werner Kok)

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Title: 🎶 Dashing through the flow.. 🎶 - Streamlining state management in ClojureDart with re-dash
Speaker: Werner Kok
Time: 2024-02-06 @ 18:30 (London time)
Local time: click here for local time
Werner Kok ( will be presenting:
"🎶 Dashing through the flow.. 🎶 - Streamlining state management in ClojureDart with re-dash"
Dealing with mutable frontend state in a non-trivial app is tricky, but fortunately, as Clojurists, we have battle-tested solutions. One of the more popular options in ClojureScript is re-frame - a well thought through & documented data loop, helping us manage state in a controlled way - derived data, flowing. re-dash is to ClojureDart what re-frame is to ClojureScript - a reactive state manager for Flutter’s UI that uses events to update and subscriptions to react to changes. We’ll look at the 6 dominoes of this data loop falling, each triggering the next, from when an event gets triggered until the Flutter widget gets rebuilt. We might even throw in some side effects for fun.
Werner has worked for Hospitality Technology International (HTI) since 2001, dedicating the majority of his professional career to developing hotel booking systems with Java. In the last five years, he shifted his focus to Clojure, during which he spent a two-year stint at JUXT between his tenures at HTI
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