Date: 2024-04-09
Location: online

Is there a place for LLM orchestration tools? …​

Is there a place for LLM orchestration tools? (by Žygimantas Medelis)

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Title: Is there a place for LLM orchestration tools?
Speaker: Žygimantas Medelis
Time: 2024-04-09 @ 18:30 (London time)
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Žygimantas Medelis ( will be presenting:
"Is there a place for LLM orchestration tools?"
Every second week LLM space is hit by a major announcement of new models and improved AI capabilities. Given this breakneck progress, do we need a layer of LLM orchestration tools? I argue that the answer is yes, and I’ll use Bosquet – an LLM tooling library – to illustrate my point. I will show that going beyond simple LLM apps you will need support for complex promoting and workflows, model swapping, memory management, and similar functionality offered by LLM tools like Bosquet.
Žygis has been working in Clojure, Natural Language Processing, and adjacent fields for about 15 years, and is always interested in ways to extract meaning from all the messy data we are producing. Very excited about LLMs - a technology that might finally allows us to do just that.
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