Date: 2024-06-29
Location: online

Data-recur meeting 5: Datajure - a DSL extensi…​

Data-recur meeting 5: Datajure - a DSL extension to existing data processing libraries

The data-recur group is a space for collaborations around the emerging Clojure stack for data processing and data analysis.
This June, it is coming back.
It will be presented by Matthias Buehlmaier and Yang Ming-Tian from the Business School.
This meeting will be dedicated to the Datajure, a Domain Specific Language extension for existing data processing libraries such as, tablecloth, clojask and geni.
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The official part will be 90 minutes long.
Sometimes some of us like to stay longer and chat.

Video meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Text chat: We will use the #data-recur Zulip stream.

Most of the meeting will be recorded and shared publicly.
Some parts will be unrecorded.


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