Date: 2023-07-11
Location: online

Why you need Fulcro, the framework to build ap…​

Why you need Fulcro, the framework to build apps better, faster (by Jakub Holý)

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The London Clojurians are happy to present:
Title: Why you need Fulcro, the web framework to build apps better, faster
Speaker: Jakub Holý
Time: 2023-07-11 @ 18:30 (London time)
Local time: (click here for local time)
Jakub Holý ( will be presenting:
"Why you need Fulcro, the web framework to build apps better, faster"
Fulcro ( is my web framework of
choice whenever I need to create any non-trivial web application
thanks to its productivity. Its overarching design goal is sustainable
development speed as time goes and code grows and it really shows
up. It is developer friendly, with minimal boilerplate, and features
you need for any serious application. And it is surprisingly
flexible. Fulcro is based on a few simple ideas that combine
powerfully to produce a multitude of capabilities, including its Rapid
Application Development "add-on". Some people find Fulcro complicated
and scary - but it doesn’t need to be. Stop choosing "simpler" web
frameworks - and ending up implementing half of Fulcro with much more
effort and verbosity and much less value. I will present the
minimalist way of learning Fulcro with its three corner stones and
explain Fulcro’s building blocks. After this talk, you will understand
the design and value of Fulcro, be motivated to learn it, and equipped
to do so quickly.
Jakub has been developing enterprise software since 2005, fell in love
with Clojure in 2012, and with Fulcro in 2020. He cares deeply about
productivity (and thus Clojure, DevOps, and Fulcro) and quality and
enjoys sharing his discoveries and thoughts on his blog. Aside of his
daily job, he also mentors and pair-programs with Fulcro beginners. He
comes from the Czech Republic and lives currently in Norway.
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