Date: 2023-09-12
Location: online

Joyful Mobile Development with ClojureDart (by…​

Joyful Mobile Development with ClojureDart (by Baptiste & Christophe)

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The London Clojurians are happy to present:
Title: Joyful Mobile Development with ClojureDart
Speaker: Baptiste Dupuch & Christophe Grand
Time: 12 Sept 2023 @ 18:30 (London time)
Local time: (click here for local time)
Baptiste Dupuch & Christophe Grand (@ClojureDart) will be presenting:
"Joyful Mobile Development with ClojureDart"
Java promised WORA: Write Once Run Anywhere.
Clojure dialects deliver SORA: Skill Once Reach Anywhere.
ClojureDart is a recent creatively-named dialect targeting Dart and its cross platform gui Flutter to bring native binaries to mobiles and desktops.
We’ll demo how the Clojure and Flutter combo makes app development enjoyable by leveraging strengths of our favorite language and of the Flutter ecosystem (portability, performance, libraries, tooling and community).
Baptiste and Christophe have been contracting in Clojure together for 3 years and independently for 15 years. During the pandemic they started working on ClojureDart to make development of native GUI apps blissful.
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