Date: 2023-08-10
Location: online

Bitemporality Demystified

Bitemporality and the Art of Maintaining Accurate Databases

Bitemporality and the Art of Maintaining Accurate Databases.
How often have you had to add a modified_at or effective_from column to a database table?
Have you ever had to keep old versions of data around and make it visible to end users?

Time is a fundamental aspect of data modeling — and yet application developers are frequently reduced to rolling their own half-baked ‘bitemporal’ SQL schemas on top of popular database systems.

This ad hoc approach to handling time has been the status quo for decades, but it’s a complicated, risky business — and new systems can do better.

Bitemporal modeling equips developers with a rigorous abstraction for working with immutable data and versioned records.

Join this webinar to discover the most common use cases for bitemporal modeling, and learn how it impacts the design and maintenance of applications.

Key takeaways:

* Familiarize yourself with the SQL:2011 standard temporal features
* Understand the landscape of existing approaches and tools for implementing bitemporality to ensure successful projects
* Discover how you can visualize your own bitemporal data using an open source interactive tool

At the end of the session, after Q&A, our speakers will share a quick demo of XTDB: a modern database that incorporates a bitemporal index at its core.


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