Date: 2023-10-04
Location: online

Atomic Architecture

Atomic Architecture — An Architectural Vision for Better Information Systems

As part of our drive to design better data systems for our customers, we’ve identified 7 architectural principles that yield exceptional results.

In this webinar, JUXT CTO & co-founder — Malcolm Sparks — will explain the principles behind Atomic Architecture, an architectural blueprint for building reliable information systems.

Malcolm will argue that current trends in software architecture create unnecessary complexity, delivering poor outcomes for users.

Atomic Architecture incorporates key ideas and principles from Functional Programming, Domain Driven Design, Event Driven Architecture, Data Mesh and more — to let data take back its central place at the heart of a distributed information system.

A system that is built with the principles of Atomic Architecture has a number of benefits, across the entire data set:
* A single source of truth
* Full auditability with historical versioning: who did what? what happened when?
* Secure object-level access control

Key takeaways from this session:
1. In practical terms, learn how to design a system that’s compliant with Atomic Architecture
2. Discover available tools and technologies
3. See how to integrate Atomic Architecture into existing software infrastructure


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