Date: 2023-10-31
Location: online

A functional approach to massively concurrent …​

A functional approach to massively concurrent application design (by Léo Noel)

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Title: A functional approach to massively concurrent application design
Speaker: Léo Noel
Time: 2023-10-31 @ 18:30 (London time)
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Léo Noel ( will be presenting:
"A functional approach to massively concurrent application design"
In this talk, Léo will present the latest features of Missionary, a functional effect system for clojure/script. He will focus on the supervision problem, explain what it is about, show how pervasive it is in our craft, and describe a functional solution scalable to arbitrarily complex problems in many domains, from UIs to databases. You will learn how functional effect systems fit in the reactive programming landscape and how they address common concurrency concerns such as memoization, asynchronous effects, backpressured streaming, glitch-free propagation of changes and fine-grained updates.
Léo is the creator of Missionary and the architect of Electric Clojure. As an independent software researcher, he is interested in concurrency, reactive user interfaces and language design.
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