Dates: Dec 02, 2019 - Dec 03, 2019
Location: London, United Kingdom

Unfortunately the ClojureX conference scheduled for 2nd/3rd December 2019 has been cancelled.

SkillsMatter, the company that owns, finances and runs the event has gone into financial administration and are effectively no longer a business. SkillsMatter have previously run 10 successful Clojure conferences in London and the future of this conference is unknown.

London Clojurians appologies to all speakers who make travel plans or attendees who purchased tickets/travel. We do not know if any of this is recoverable.

London Clojurians will share any further developments on this matter that are relevant to the Clojurian community as soon as we can.

Please use the #clojurex channel on the Clojurians Slack channel if you have questions and we will try our best to advise.

Again, our deepest appologies to all involved in this event.

Thank you
London Clojurians

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