Submitting patches to Clojure and Clojure Contrib

If you've got a bug fix or feature you'd like to submit to the Clojure, Clojure Contrib or Clojure CLR projects, first - thanks! Before you get too deep into the code, please make sure you review the contributing guidelines -- it's important to submit a Contributor's agreement as detailed on that page. Once it's been received (your name will appear on the contributor's list on that page), you can join the clojure-dev Google group. Anyone with a CA can become a member of our Confluence and JIRA. Just sign up (please use a recognizable name), then ask on the clojure-dev group and I'll bump up your membership level to make edits. (modular contrib) (legacy contrib)



So You Have an Idea...

Great! For more info on the process of creating issues in JIRA, creating and filing patches, tracking, screening and vetting patches, please visit the JIRA workflow page on the dev wiki.


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