Funding Clojure

It has become clear to me that accepting donations and funding has created an unreasonable sense of entitlement among some in the community as to what I do with my time. I built Clojure as an independent person, and remain such, despite any mismatched expectations around contributions. I truly appreciate those who have contributed to Clojure financially this past year, and can honestly say I've repaid those contributions manyfold with my time.

Clojure development will continue to be funded primarily, as it has throughout its history, through other commercial endeavors on my part, and, moving forward, on the part of Clojure/core. I am stopping the funding appeal so that it is completely clear that my/our continuing work on Clojure is an ongoing gift.




I encourage businesses using Clojure to please call Clojure/core at 919.886.6959 to discuss options for corporate support for Clojure.
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