Clojure Jobs

This page is provided as a courtesy to those companies who have supported Clojure .

ThorTech Solutions is seeking exceptional developers to join our team. The work will be primarily on a new product, predominantly written in Clojure. If you are a passionate individual who is self directed but thrives in a team environment and team results, has experience with several of the following and would like to help move us forward with the rest, we want to hear from you:

  • Web application development experience
  • SQL
  • Statistics background
  • Clojure, Java, Lisp, JavaScript, Python
  • Functional programming
  • XP, Scrum, Pair Programming
  • Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
  • Distributed application development on the Java or .Net platforms
  • Continuous Integration, Git
  • Amazon EC2, EBS
  • Hadoop, RDF, Sesame

We are a profitable company that is in its 9th year in business. All developers work on Macbook Pro or Mac Pro machines
No crazy hours; good quality of life means a clearer thinking, happier more productive team. Great benefits package including medical
We are conveniently located in the central business district of White Plains NY, walking distance from the train station, 35 minutes from Grand Central Station.

Please send a resume with a one-page "why you think we're good fit for you" to:

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